Turtle island

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Who is hiding underneath the third biggest carapace in the world? Come and find out in our new 600 m² area on the Museum’s panoramic terrace. In this magnificent setting, between the sea and the mountain, our facilitator will unveil the characteristics of the African spurred turtles.

Relaxation, games and discoveries. In addition to a 360° view over the Mediterranean and Monaco, the panoramic terrace of the Sea Temple has some major surprises in store, including a unique chance to get up close to some African spurred turtles, ancient reptiles now under threat of extinction.

Seven specimens, from Mali, live in this especially dedicated area. During school holidays, our facilitators are present at several different times in the day in front of the landscaped enclosure to explain the turtles’ way of life, their eating habits and to answer all your questions.

Children, as well as their parents, will be entertained in the fun area boasting a 15 metre long game in the form of a whale skeleton while a lounge terrace completes this open air area.

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