The Museum and The School

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You are a teacher and would like to organise a trip to the museum with your pupils - come and discover the whole range of activities on offer to school groups.

It is sometimes difficult to capture the attention of children and illustrate certain key points of the programme without using the display of living animals. In collaboration with the national education system, we offer practical visits and workshops. Through our aquariums and historical collections, we offer your class an enriching summary at the heart of the marine world.

For advice on the choice of your workshop, does not hesitate to contact the Animations service which will be able to help you to finalise your teaching project by giving you a free pre-visit.

Each year, during the school terms, you can also benefit from a special admission time for teachers of primary and secondary schools to discover the Museum and the workshops offered. Information and reservations: 

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  • Réponse Demande de réservation Bonjour, Je vous invite à remplir le document téléchargeable "Demande de réservation" ci dessus. Cordialement
    Friday 20th October 2017 at 10:58
  • Demande d de is reservation visite et ateliers scolaires Bonjour, pouvez vous nous établir un devis de reservation de visite du musée et 2 ateliers de découvertes du bassin tactile pour 2 classes de maternelle( 26 ms/ms et 25 gs), accompagnateurs 10(2 maitesses, 3atsem,5 parents)? Nous souhaitons organiser la visite le13/04/2017 si disponibilités. Disposez vous d'un lieu pour organiser le pique-nique des enfants? Quels documents officiels sont exigés ?
    Sunday 8th October 2017 at 19:34
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