A dive into the deep blue sea

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The Mediterranean is a bright and colourful sea that is home to 7.5% of the world’s fauna and 18% of marine flora. Our aquariums showcase this richness through an exceptional range of different species. Come discover these splendours with an entertaining educational tour in aquariums, completely redesigned and modernised. An invitation to travel!

Like a jewellery box of unexpected treasures, the deep blue sea is home to a valuable heritage that is both precious and fragile at the same time. In our waters are 100 of the 650 species of fish living in the Mediterranean and more than 200 invertebrate species. From the Posidonia beds near the surface to the coral reef wall plunging into the deep, hidden treasures of the sea are unveiled for you with all their striking beauty in a mysterious bluish atmosphere. 

In taking a detour to our aquariums, you will learn that some fish change sex during their life, than an octopus instantly adopts the colours of its surroundings through mimicry, or that the slipper lobster, dusky grouper and large mother of pearl are all protected species. Impressive sculptures of marine animals, enhanced by lighting, touch screens and large photographs will reinforce your feeling of immersion. Join us to dive into the Great Blue Sea and fight for its conservation!

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