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In order to limit the amount of withdrawals from their natural habitat and gain a better understanding of the biology of different species, the museum’s aquarium is involved in conservation and reproduction.

Hundreds of fish in our ponds have been born and grown in our reserves. During your visit, you will be able to discover young seahorses, shoals of young clownfish and even rock salmon eggs. By looking through into the capsules deposited by these sharks of the Mediterranean, the keenest observers will even be able to guess the embryos at different stages of development.

Apart from its educational role, the aquarium is also a precious tool when it comes to preserving an endangered species. Under threat due to overfishing, the apogon of the Banggaï islands, endemic of the Indonesian archipelago of the same name, is used for reproduction within an international programme. This is a procedure which, by bringing together public aquariums from all over the world, may help to save the species.
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  • GREAT ! AMAZING ! FANTASTIC ! Simply amazing. All those involved are to be congratulated. I was aware of the conservation and breeding program through an article from National Geographic about the cardinal bangaii. I really liked it, Congratulations. Bruno Ansede. Brazil.
    Thursday 21th June 2018 at 18:57
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