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Shark Lagoon is one of the highlights of the visit, enabling you to get up close and personal with these remarkable marine creatures. Guaranteed thrills!

In this giant aquarium, 6 metres deep and containing 450,000 litres of sea water, blacktip reef sharks, a nurse shark, a hawksbill sea turtle, moray eels and a majestic giant guitarfish live side by side. A grandiose spectacle which visitors can view from four different angles. To withstand the pressure of the water, 30 cm-thick windows which do not distort the shapes or the colours have been installed.

With no need for flippers or air cylinders, you are as good as immersed several metres beneath the surface, surrounded by all the treasures of a reef pass. On one side of the Lagoon, discover an explosion of colours with hundreds of species of tropical fish; on the other, feel your spine tingle as you view the awesome predators!

Another biological and technological feat to discover in the Lagoon: the Djibouti reef. This coral ecosystem, unique in the world, was created in 1989 and is home to reef-building corals of which the oldest colonies are now over 20 years old! A first in the history of aquariology.
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