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For an event best suited to your needs, come and discover the wonder of the Sea Temple and choose the area that’s best for you:

- The conference room, on the ground floor, can be transformed into a cocktail style reception area  for up to 500 people. The proportions, furniture and decor create a sumptuous setting for your soirées.

- Bathed in light, our salon d'honneur houses an imposing sculpture of Prince Albert I, the museum’s founder. Its central position facilitates an intimate gathering in close proximity to the Sea Temple’s different areas.

- Our first floor rooms offer a fantastic voyage of ocean discovery. Allow your guests to marvel at our historical collections and temporary expositions whilst enjoying a light evening snack.

- With almost 100 ponds inhabited by an amazing diversity of species, the aquarium gives you the opportunity to plunge your guests into the very heart of our waterworld, with tableaux that are as alive and colourful as they are soothing.

- Between sea and mountain, the terrace provides an exceptional panoramic view of the Mediterranean and the Principality of Monaco. Ideal for cocktails and open air banquets.

  Surface area
(in m2)
Cocktail Banquet Conference Cinema En "U" Daylight
Conference room (Ground Fl) 500 500 250 400 500 80 yes
Salon d'honneur (Ground Fl) 300 150 - - - - yes
1st   floor rooms 1400 200 - - - - yes
Aquarium 800 600 - - - - -
Terrace 500 200 200 - - - yes


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    Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 15:12
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