Turtles Exhibition - an engaging journey

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To accompany the opening of our new permanent space dedicated to sea turtles, we imagined a temporary thematic itinerary.
RDv at the 1st floor> Salle de la Baleine.
The route takes you on a journey back in time - from the turtles of the origins that rubbed dinosaurs to the 7 species of turtles that are all under threat!
The oldest parents of turtles lived on Earth 240 million years ago, just before the first dinosaurs. There are 150 million years of sea turtles already populating the oceans. A long time ago ... Long before the appearance of Man, 2.8 million years ago ...
Go back in time to discover the 7 species of sea turtles that still exist today. We find them for 6 of them in the Mediterranean and they are present in all the oceans of the world
The course explains in particular the dangers that turtles face and how to protect them, by discovering the protection actions implemented by the Oceanographic Institute and its partners.
A game booklet will allow children accompanied by their parents to discover sea turtles during Wednesday and Weekend entertainment, and especially how to protect them!
10 missions will take them from the aquarium to the showrooms to the panoramic terrace. The goal: to become a true "turtle protector"
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