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22 April – 6 May 2018

After Mathieu Lehanneur’s successful exhibition 50 Seas at Christie's Paris this January, his work will now be present at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco from 22 April to 6 May 2018 in collaboration with Christie’s.

The collection, featuring fifty enameled faience wall works, crystallizes the global color scheme spectacle of the world’s liquid environment. Mathieu Lehanneur has selected a chromatic topology of the ocean in order to pay homage to its subtleties. Using high-definition satellite photography, the designer has identified fifty points across the earth and materialized them through within different ceramic pieces. As though forming an aquatic relief, the works are enameled to reproduce the delicate nuances of the ocean.

Each work is unique and suggests the geographic specificity of its environment.
"We have to accustom our eyes and our mind with the subtle disparities of things. Eskimos have 50 words to define the snow, I selected 50 shades to define the sea." Mathieu   Lehanneur

Facing the Mediterranean, the Musée océanographique founded in 1898 by Prince Albert I of Monaco, is the ideal setting for this collection.

I admire Mathieu Lehanneur’s capacity to play with materials and colours, and his way of blending art, science and cutting-edge technologies. Its contemporaneity both disrupts and blends with our century-old institution, whose vocation instilled by its founder Prince Albert I has always been to ‘unite in a single burst the leading forces of civilization, art and science.
Robert Calcagno, Director of the Monaco Oceanographic Museum.

Following artists such as Mark Dion or Damien Hirst, Mathieu Lehanneur takes his place in the Salon d'Honneur for a dialogue between art and the aquatic world. For the occasion, new nuances extracted from the Monegasque seascape have been added to the original collection.

"It is a privilege to exhibit this collection in the framework of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. I am sure that the exhibition will be received with great enthusiasm and we are pleased to welcome a wall piece by Mathieu Lehanneur, inspired by the blue of our Mediterranean sea, permanently to the collection of the museum. » Nancy Dotta, Director of Christie's Monaco.

In continuation of his Liquid Marble and Ocean Memories series, 50 Seas seems to hesitate between solid and liquid, as though suspended in a poetic state of metamorphosis. Lehanneur reveals a unique approach to design fusing decorative arts and high technology.

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