Prince Albert Ist room

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A journey of discovery of oceanography

Within the Temple of the Sea, the Prince Albert Ist room mentioned the sailing career of its Founder. The collections reflect the ingenuity developed technical processes and the wealth of scientific results obtained during the twenty-eight exploration campaigns by the Sovereign between 1885 and 1915.

Many specimens, photographs and archival documents testify to the birth of modern oceanography. Are also presented several key objects as models of ships of the Prince and the life-size reproduction of a sperm whale, marine mammal which led to the discovery of abyssal species through the analysis of his stomach contents.
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  • Réponse : Collection de modèles navals sur l'offre Si vous souhaitez vendre vos maquettes de bateaux, nous vous suggérons de contacter le Musée Naval de Monaco à cette adresse : Ils seront probablement plus intéressés par votre offre que le Musée océanographique. Cordialement
    Friday 19th August 2016 at 14:41
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