The ‘Whale Room’

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Situated in the west wing, the ‘Whale Room’ (Salle de la Baleine) highlights a whole range of sea mammal skeletons, including that of the biggest specimen held within the museum : a rorqual of more than 18 metres in length. Astounding!

The heart of the ocean : The Oceanographic Museum bringsthe whale room and its skeletons to life with sounds and lights. Let yourself be carried away by this moment, and rediscover fin whale, killer whale and narwhal skeletons like you've never seen them before ... This light show is orchestrated by Xavier Perret with original music by Clovis Schneider. A show for the family, every hour.

The emblem of the Whale Room is this 2.8 ton skeleton suspended from the ceiling. Admirably placed on show in the museum, this fin whale, beached in 1896 on the Mediterranean Ligurian coast, brings visitors flocking to see it. Thirteen other skeletons, including that of a sperm whale of 8 metres in length and comprising 163 bones, seeming to swim in its wake, defying time. An imaginary chase that you can admire from the mezzanines surrounding the area and with touch pads installed facing each specimen.

As well as the museum’s collection of natural history exhibits, the Whale Room holds temporary exhibits on a regular basis. You just have to go!
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