When art is inspired by the marine world

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Echoing Prince Albert I’s desire to bring Art and Science together under one roof, the Museum devotes ample space within its collections to works of art, secular or religious, from all over the world.

To express his creative genius, Man has often drawn inspiration from the marine world. The result is a host of sumptuous works of art intimately connected to the deep. Our reserves remain a first collection on the theme of fishing as an activity which feeds populations all over the world. She brings together models of boats, ranging from the Marseille longliner to the Madagascan canoe, and various fishing implements.

The third section of our art and craft collection is devoted to the field of ethnography and is made up of functional or ritual objects. It contains sailor’s pipes made from turban shells, African statues of Yoruba twins adorned with cowry shells or the shankha shell used in religious ceremonies. Proof that in all cultures and civilisations, the sea plays an essential role.
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