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Member of the Board of Directors
Elected at the Annual General Meeting of April 8, 2013


Victor Hwang
Chinese nationality.
Art collector, corporate director, member of the Bureau.

Werner Peyer
Swiss nationality.
Art collector, bank administrator, member of the Bureau.

Mr. Lotfi Maktouf
Tunisian nationality.
Company president, member of the Bureau.

Vanessa Tubino
Monegasque nationality.
Accountant, auditor, member of the Bureau.

Secretary General
José Luis de Mendiguren
French nationality.
Director of Development of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco, Board Member.

- The Directors:

Alain Brombal
Monegasque nationality.
Bureau member.

Robert Calcagno
Monegasque nationality.
CEO of the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco Foundation Albert I, Prince of Monaco,
Bureau member.

Ms. Souad El-Solh
Lebanese nationality.

Christina Noghès-Menio
Monegasque nationality.
President of the Association of Friends of the New National Museum of Monaco.

Hervé iris
French nationality.
Secretary-General of the Commission on Art HSH Prince objects.

Silvia Marzocco
Italian nationality.
Art lover.

Vladimir Semenikhin
Russian nationality.
Art collector.

William Easun
British nationality.
Business manager.
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