Prince’s Government

Since its inauguration in 1910, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco has become one of the principality’s leading lights, notably for its remarkable architecture. But it is also a vector of the Oceanographic Institute, created by Prince Albert Ist of Monaco to propagate knowledge of the ocean and as a result, actively participate in protecting it. Indeed, whereas some countries, institutions and associations have only been actively involved with environmental issues for a few years or even a few months, the principality of Monaco and the Prince’s family dynasty have long since been preoccupied with it. 

Today, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco is honorary president of the institute’s board of directors, which is comprised of ten members who maintain positive relationships with the principality, two of them were named by the Sovereign Prince today: Mr.Bernard Fautrier and Mrs. Marie-Pierre Gramaglia. Everything is in place to cement a partnership between the Principality and the Oceanographic Institute.

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